Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Zarine Khan Next Katrina Kaif

Salu is impossible to understand person who is as mysterious as the baffling Bermuda Triangle itself.

And has found his perfect and permanent soul mate in the form of Katrina Kaif (who erased or, at least, licked.

The wounds given by Aish, eyebrows got raised as talks surfaced of their splitsvilla.

As Katrina kaif is is out of Salman’s pocket, he has already bought himself a new cat in the form of Fatrina aka Zarine Khan, the same girl who debuted opposite Salman in Veer.

And heads were turned to an angle of 180 degrees when Salman silently shocked everyone.

By tagging along Zarine alongside her in a recent party held at Aamir Idiot Khan’s house. Mumbai Mirror bakes hot and fresh, “Heads turned when.

Zarine and Salman walked in together. And soon enough, there were hushed whispers doing the rounds at the party. Zarine Khan was lugging on to Salu's sleeve during the party. Though he spent most of his time talking to Aamir, he didn’t mind her presence at all.”

Now, though some call him unlucky in love, People wonder if Zarine Khan may just turn out to be the next Katrina chapter. Lust, love, filmdom and then goodbye!


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