Monday, June 21, 2010

Deepika Pudonke skye driving plans

Bad rainy weather has not just created problems for desi Mumbaikars but it has also derailed actress Deepika Padukone’s most wanted sky diving plans. However, the actress is not letting this little hitch to dampen her spirits.Deepika make a tweet that she is not totally giving up on her plans but she is just replanning the day of her bold act. “Couldn't do the jump yesterday...bad weather...have to reschedule it now,” she wrote.

The young bollywood babe who recently became a pro sea diver says sky diving will be another life changing moment of her life. “So on my way to another life altering experience! Skydiving! Super excited! Butterflies in my stomach. Actually feel like rats now! Wish me luck,” the actor had tweeted moments before she called off her plans due to rough weather. On her career front, Deepika has really bonded well with Imran Khan, her co-star from another movie, whom he dubs as a fun person to be with.


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