Monday, June 21, 2010

Katrina Sexy

As all know, Vidya is famous for very ethnic roles, people love Vidya Balan in that. And, I think I am popular for my fun roles.

That’s how we people feel comfortable; not by the tags on our looks. When you started, were you conscious of.

The true is that people would provide you an opportunity in bollywood films because the way you look?

I started modeling when I was just 14 years old and entered the glamour industry at a very young age. I am aware of my looks but I guess only looks is not all in my profession. Many hindi film actresses are trying their hands in action. When are we going to see you as an action heroine?

I love doing different kind of things. I love doing things that I am feary. But I don’t like jumping out of planes; I like my feet to be on the ground instead of in the sky. On second thoughts, I would love to do an action film like Charlies Angles. And…And? I want to do a period film.


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