Monday, November 10, 2008

Paris Hilton ‘lusts’ after hot Prince Harry, not Prince William

Hilton, who has been texting Prince Williams on a approved basis, has accepted that she lusts afterwards the adolescent royal.

The auberge almsman ability accept acquired anguish to Wills’ girlfriend, Kate Middleton, who was reportedly blind of her beau’s flirtations with the albino American if they met in a Mayfair club in October.

Harry is said to accept abutting them after in the black with adherent Chelsea, who allegedly has added acumen to be anxious back …..

Paris thinks the soldier prince to be added of her ‘type’.

“William is a great-looking guy and his adherent is absolutely lucky. But I adopt Harry – he’s added my type,” the Daily Star quoted her, as saying.

However, a aristocratic antecedent added that even admitting it is Wills whom Paris is texting, yet it is Harry’s adherent who needs to be on the alert.

The antecedent said: “Paris has announced to and texted Wills a few times back they met. The affair is Paris absolutely fancies Harry so it’s Chelsy that should accept the worry. Paris has fabricated it attending like she’s at the centre of a aristocratic adulation triangle!”


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