Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lara's going to write for herself

"Scriptwriters in Bollywood aren't writing anything in depth for a woman," lovely Lara scoffed, "Invariably the scripts glorify the hero while the heroine is the love interest. And the women-oriented films are half-baked attempts at feminist statements. Both to me are uninspiring."

She's going to produce this to-be-written movie as well, but the actress draws the line at direction. "I'm not ready to direct yet. And I can't wait to start my film. I've done two drafts. And I think it needs one more draft, then I'm ready," she said.

But on her crusade for reversing the male-dominance of movies, Lara is hedging her bets and not making the movie totally female-centric. "It has equal space for the male and female protagonists. It's not one of those feminist, in-your-face women's films. The male lead will have a lot to contribute to my film."


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