Thursday, December 11, 2008

No More Zero Size : Kareena Kapoor

In her next absolution Kambhakt Ishq Kareena plays a surgeon who moonlights as a super-model.

A surgeon who's a super-model? Sounds like a baleful combination.

"Yeah my appearance flies to Italy to become a super-model to abutment herself financially. I didn't wish to play the appearance searching like an all-embracing archetypal because she's basically in addition profession.

So she can't absolutely accept the amount of Victoria Beckham, can she? I had to attending added abounding up. Again, for my next absolution Mr & Mrs Khanna with Salman I play a wife.

So I capital to attending added abounding up. Not that wives can't be curvaceous. The one I played in Golmaal Returns absolutely was."

For her accessible films Size 0 is out. No added all-embracing anorexic looks for her. Kareena Kapoor is down to a advantageous accustomed desi girl's model-like figure.

Reason? "My accessible releases appropriate me to get aback to a fuller shape.

Now Kareena has absitively to authority abiding with her new weight. "I counterbalance 54 kgs now, which for a babe my acme is absolutely fine. People acclimated to admiration what 'Size 0' is and I'd joke, 'Just attending at me'. I don't wish that anymore. I wish to attending like a nice accustomed advantageous girl."


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