Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bollywood, Hollywood and Arab stars open Dubai film festival

The international film festival of Dubai gave a kick to far its fifth Thursday addition with stars from Hollywood, Bolywood and Arab cinema world.

The eight-day-length festival, which will comprise 182 films of 66 countries, was launched with of sifting W. this last film by director Oliver Stone, a critic frank of the war of Iraq, chronicles rise with the power in George W. Bush Outgoing president in the USA.

The hundreds of cameras flickered with the resource presses beach of luxury Madinat Jumeirah, because Oliver Stone and Goldie Hawn and Ben Affleck appeared on the red carpet. Gaining Nicolas Cage, Salma Hayek, called of Oscar Laura Linney, Casey Affleck, Brendan Fraser and gantier of Oscar of Danny supplement a long list of celebrities envisaged to attend the festival.

One expects that they are united by stars Abhishek Bachchan and Nandita DAS of Bollywood, as well as of the stars Adel Imam and Hesham Selim d' Egyptien.

Other films strongly envisaged are Baz Luhrman 's Australia , holding the first role Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman, and Steven Soderbergh 's , of Che film which reports the revolutionary life of Ernesto Argentinian Guevara.After launching the reward of Muhr for excellence in the Arab cinema in 2006, of the organizers these African and Asian films included per year with the rewards, with prices reaching 500.000 dollars.

Friday Linney, Hawn and Hayek will deal with fund raiser in the name of the amFAR of organization of charity to join together the money for the American base for the search for aids.


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